Vision Plan Institute

I am Business Master Plan Developer Wilma J. Williams. After over 20 years of successfully working in administration, accounting and investor relations for multi-million and billion dollar companies, I have finally decided to document one of my approaches to organizing. This approach helped me reach my career goal by the age of 36 and work as a Senior Administration Specialist on a billion dollar technology sales account by the age of 27. Organizing my thoughts help me plan for success, proactively consider the unexpected and invest in outsourcing tasks that leave me feeling overwhelmed and in despair, as well as help me prioritize while wearing multiple hats. Because I am a systematic and linear thinker, I catch on to more than what the average person has to be taught. I am not a genius, but I am blessed by God with the gift of administration. My gift and this approach to organizing has enabled me to successfully work with professional athletes, millionaires and entrepreneurs new to business. I pray that you will find it useful as you plan your next content, goal or project.