Vox Progenitor

I am an older parent who's been through a very difficult divorce by anyone's standards. My situation is now very good. However, the key issue for over a decade was custodial matters relating to our children. That as 20 years ago. In the time since I've learned a great deal about family law, process and the pitfalls parents go through in order to finally settle their differences if they are unable to come to an amicable arrangement day one. I have acted as a McKenzie friend (free paralegal if you like) supporting hundreds of other parents and have done so very successfully. I am child focussed and pro family and happily support both mums and dads where they are acting in the true best interest of their children; however, my focus is on pre/post separation dads and their unique challenges across the western world. Why? Because there's so little good information out there for them and because, clearly, there is bias against fathers that screams out for specialist advice. The work I produce is straight talking and cares not for politically correct ways to say things - I say it like it is because that is what parents experiencing these situations most need.