Bruce Lawson

Im Bruce A. Lawson Im a 52 year old African American man living in Houston, Texas. I have lived in my community and weathered many storms. In November of 2012 I had partial knee cap removal surgery, lived in a shelter for a while, enrolled myself in back in college after dropping over 30 years ago, and am now a succcessful college student majoring in Business Management with a 3,48 GPA. With the help of my social worker at Lonestar college, i got an apartment close to campus. I was about to loose my mind living in that shelter and needed to get out before I lost my concentration in schoool. I have always taken responsibility for the decisions i made in my life and never blamed anyone for my misfortunes. One morning i woke up and thought about how a large percentage of African Americans blame other races, particularly white people for most of the socioeconomical problems in our community. I thought to myself, that is unproductive and blatently wrong. I felt so strongly about it that i just started writing in a very profound and emotional way that i could not stop. I ended up with a Narrative Essay that moves most individuals either to the left or to the right, largely depending on what race or socioeconomical rank in this society youre in. I deal only in reality and logic, so if youre into reality, logical thinking, reading, writing, and no sugar coating, then enjoy. Take care, Bruce