The Wild and Whimsical Worlds of Eric May

Eric May has always been a strange one, but finally having the freedom to create his own worlds through writing might have been one of the worst things to ever happen in the entirety of the multiverse. The landscapes that he creates are sure to entertain, mystify and question the logic of readers, who seem to have been babied by the novel industry of late. It has now become an industry quite like today's movie industry, that has been catering books and films that are more or less rehashes of what they've already read or seen before. His novels are a sort of manifesto to this belief, that people can in fact still learn something new and be challenged through the pages of a book. Just as great writers were able to challenge the minds of readers in the 1900's, so can reader's minds be challenged again in this modern era. While sugaring the pages with the type of material that people are accustomed to, sucker punches can be placed in strategic areas that would challenge a reader's logic from behind.