Mary Swingler

I am a retired schoolteacher of 25 years, who continues to teach, in other capacities. I am blessed with five amazing, intelligent adult children and four beautiful grandchildren, whom I cherish. I have twelve years experience writing content and reports on a variety of topics, for magazine editors, legal and trade clients, including advertising and promotions. My writing portfolio includes interviews, technical writing. I have ten years analyzing and detailing product reviews for clients in science, electronics, appliances, automotive and many other fields. My organizational and communication abilities are polished. My analytical and creative thinking promotes an exciting, imaginative style of writing that is 100% original. I recently became deaf, a couple of years ago, at age 64. My deafness does not define me, but offers me the opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Jehovah and serve the deaf in my ministry. I recently began writing prose and poetry that praises Jehovah. I want to encourage and inspires others through my writing. My faith, my family and my friends are my inspiration. I enjoy expressing my thoughts and feelings through the various forms of poetry. I am trying to expand my creative portfolio and write, plays, short stories, childrens’ fiction.