Yacine Daoud

I'm a young businessman/entrepreneur , that is dedicated, ambitious, hard working and passionate about life, business and success. I live everyday looking for new opportunities, challenges and the desire to achieve! My aim is to become very successful in life and i have some very clear goals I want to achieve. I have run multiple businesses from the age 20 and have enjoyed learning about every aspect of running a successful company. I'm the type of guy that gets things done, I don't hang around, we only have a short time on this earth to make a difference and I intend to do just that. Something that is very close to my heart is to help fellow young entrepreneurs and artists that are struggling in life in different ways, I'm only now getting the opportunity to start giving back and I'm looking forward to helping a lot of people. Im always looking for new opportunity and to meet new people. I would love to hear from like minded people