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Make Kids Yoga Fun with 55 Kids Yoga Cards

A set of 55 printable Kids Yoga Cards in english which cover a range of postures and warm-up exercises for your kids yoga practice in classes, schools or at home.

10 years of practicing children's yoga with yoga cards - in the real world.

Hello 👋 , I am Carmen. In the past years, I've led countless kids yoga sessions in schools and in yoga studios, but also organized dozens of international trainings to learn yoga for kids and Kids Yoga Cards are by far the most popular material to make your yoga classes fun and didactic.

Here is a set of 55 Printable Yoga Cards for Kids, to download immediately (English Version). Each card display the best postures beautifully illustrated on the front and description on the back.

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What will you get?

🧘‍♀️ 45 Yoga Poses Cards for Kids

45 cards display a mix of individual and collective postures.

On the front of the card, you will find the name of the posture in English with the full page illustration, while on the back: a reminder of the illustration in reduced size with the indications of how to realize the posture in a simple language. 

💪 10 Yoga Warm-up Exercises Cards

10 cards to activate the body before starting the Yoga postures.

Hands on heart, Foot Extension, Hand rotation, Head rotation, Hand rotation, Elbow rotation, Eye circle, From ear to shoulder, Wrist flexion, Elbow flexion,

🎉 Instant Access

This product being in digital format, you receive access immediately to high quality A4 print-ready PDF files containing 55 cards in total.

There are no fees or delivery delays. 

🌟 Satisfaction Guarantee

My #1 goal is for you and your children to enjoy the fun and benefits of yoga together. 

If you are not absolutely satisfied with YogaKiddy yoga cards I will refund your money, no questions asked! 

What people are saying

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An amazing resource for Yoga teachers and kids! I try to keep cards on hand to use at school, and during yoga classes, or even when we just need a quick brain break. 

— Mary S.

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I've been an elementary school teacher for years and I have used these cards for the Brain Breaks that we do. They are great for helping the kids to focus on breathing and feel more centered.

— Susan J.

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I wanted to say thank you for the yoga cards! I love them and have been using them with students in my classroom and also at home.

— Patricia W.

Artboard 1

These cards are wonderful! I have a set in my classroom. My students think they're great. I use them to talk about yoga poses, practice yoga, calm down and focus. So many possibilities!!

— Linda M.

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It's a fun way to learn yoga poses with kids. The bright colors and playful illustrations make it easy to remember the names of poses. It's also a great tool for parents.

— Barbara H.

Artboard 1

My kids enjoy playing with the cards. They love to come up with different yoga poses for each card. We are able to make up a game out of it as well.

— Betty L.

Artboard 1

I love these cards! Love the bright colors and simple illustrations. Thanks for making my kids' day a little bit brighter with these beautiful cards.

— Sarah D.

Artboard 1

I have purchased several of YogaKiddy's cards and have found them to be very useful in my classroom or studio. I have even given her yoga cards as gifts. Thank you Carmen for providing these yoga cards, they are great!

— Lisa G.

Artboard 1

I have to say, this is my favorite yoga cards that I have ever come across. The directions are clear and easy to understand. The colors are vibrant and the size is perfect for kids. I would recommend this to anyone!

— Sharon A.

Artboard 1

I can't tell you how much fun my kids and I had with these yoga cards. They were easy to print out. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share these with us!

— Amy J.

Artboard 1

I love how they are laid out. Each has an illustration of the pose on one side and then written instructions on the other. These are perfect for children to use at home or even in a studio setting!

— Angela R.

Artboard 1

This set of printable yoga cards is really great. I've been using them with my 6 year old and she loves them. They are colorful, fun, and easy to follow. Thx Carmen!

— Eva D.

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