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It started as a harmless hobby...

I started quilting because I loved the sentimental connection it created between the giver and the receiver. When I was a child, my grandmother made me a quilt that became a tangible symbol of love to me because of all the work she put into it. That really stuck with me. Later in life when I became a parent, I decided to make quilts for my kids so they could have that same kind of keepsake. I found out that I loved working with fabric and thread, and it started a new adventure for me. I began to read quilting books and take a few classes. I made quilts for family and friends, joined a quilt guild, went to quilt shows, etc., etc. Over the next 20+ years, I learned more and more, and the more I learned, the more creative and adventurous I got with my sewing. 

Although I was always creating my own designs for my own sewing projects, the idea of actually publishing and selling my ideas didn't cross my mind until some of my quilting friends suggested it. They were impressed with my ideas and encouraged me to write these things down, and that gave me enough courage to go ahead and write a couple of patterns. When I got a good response to those first couple of patterns, I got really brave and shared them in some groups on Facebook, where they were also well received.


Then new ideas sprang up in my mind and I started writing patterns for those projects. From specialty tote bags to sewing organizers to unique quilts...each idea seemed to trigger another idea, and I've been designing and writing new patterns ever since.

As I worked on my patterns, I knew there was one big problem that had to be solved. For years, I had been hearing complaints from other sewing friends about poorly written patterns and the frustrating sewing experiences that came with them. I also went through some of those disappointing experiences myself. So I made it my mission to create the most user-friendly patterns I possibly could to provide a more successful and enjoyable sewing experience for others.

My husband has always been a great support and is an active part of Your Sewing Friend. I come up with the projects, write the patterns, take the pictures and make the finished samples. My dear hubby helps proofread the patterns, gives suggestions, makes trips to the post office, and provides the muscle power needed to help set up when we vend at quilt shows.

 As we continue this crazy adventure, our goal remains the same. We are committed to bringing you the best possible patterns so you have the best possible sewing experience!