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Sew Much Fun

We've all heard how quilting is good for us mentally and emotionally. It's also a great social connecter and creative outlet. But the main reason we quilt is because we ENJOY it! There is something so fun and satisfying about playing with fabric and thread to create a wonderful keepsake that can be passed down through the family. It just doesn't compare to other activities. If you clean the house, it only gets messy again. If you make a delicious meal, it's devoured in 20 minutes. But if you make a quilt, it lasts for generations. How cool is that?!

Our love for quilting even has us collecting anything sewing themed. There are sewing themed clocks, clothes, figurines, furniture, etc. You can even find sewing themed fabrics at local quilt shops (my biggest weakness!).

So with all this sewing themed fervor, it's only natural that we come up with sewing themed blocks and quilts, right? What could be cuter than that? With that in mind, here are a few patterns that I've come up with that I'd like to share with you.

First, there is "Say Sew!", a fun quilt with pictures of notions and humorous quilty sayings.

This project is a great way to work on your free motion quilting skills. The words are done in cursive writing to take advantage of the muscle memory we already have. In addition, the pictures are continuous line drawings and come with special quilting guides to lead you through each one. The pattern also comes with 20 full size templates and a blank quilt layout page to help you plan your color choices and block placement. The quilt finishes at 46" x 57" and makes a nice lap quilt or wall quilt. You can order the pattern here. The sample I'm showing here was done with free motion quilting, but you could also do it in hand embroidery. Bonus!

A good example of what it can look like with hand embroidery is this next quilt called "My Favorite Tools", which is a spin off of the previous quilt.

Here I took some of the pictures from the "Say Sew!" quilt and resized them for a smaller hand embroidery project. I love the colors and how the thicker embroidery threads make the pictures pop! This quilt finishes at 24" square and makes a sweet addition to any sewing space. Here it is hanging in my sewing room.

The pattern comes with 4 full size templates and hand stitching instructions with step-by-step pictures. You can order the pattern here.

Finally, as part of the online Sew Much Fun block tour, I'm offering this 6½" unfinished block pattern featuring hand embroidery. You can find the pattern here.

The Sew Much Fun block tour is a block of the week program that runs for an entire year. Each week, a different designer shares a free 6" block pattern for you to download. To see the entire list of designers and block patterns, click here. Collect them all and make a fun sewing themed quilt!