Zenith O. Emmanuel

Zenith O. EMMANUEL (@ObinnaOEmmanuel) is An Acclaimed Preacher, Conference Speaker, Dynamic Leader, Actor, Singer, Author, And A Radio Personality. He's Wired To Inspire and Motivate You To Rise Above Your Setbacks And Live Your Dream. For Over A Decade, Engaging His Deep, Fun-Filled, And Inspiring Teachings He Has Shown Thousands How To Make A Comeback Out Of Every Setback. He Presides Over the Young, Fastest, And Ever Growing "RefreshingHillChristianCentre" Where he disciples young believers (maturing them) in spirituality, Leadership, and Social effectiveness. His Passion Is To Get You In The Control Room Of Your Life, Plus, To Have You Unlock And Release The Power of God That's At Work Within You To Create Room For Yourself In High Places. He's A Sales and Customer Service Consultant. And Your Host on The Highly Reputed "Intervention Service (formerly, Survivor Service)" Which Has Been Proclaimed To Be Lethal To Depression, Frustration, Sickness, Setbacks, And Failure. He's One Of The Highly Acclaimed Inspirational Preachers On SolidFm's Sunday Morning show “Joyful Noise” And He Currently Resides In Enugu, Nigeria.