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Expose: Jaxson

Could I trust a former special forces soldier? I owed him my life, but did I owe him my heart?

There was a bounty on my head. I fled with only one thought in mind: survival.

I bought a cabin, sight unseen, in the wilderness. It came with quite a few surprises including a handsome stranger next door, Jaxson Monroe.

He also happens to be my own personal hero, saving my life. It’s complicated and I don’t want to disappoint him, but he wants to know why I’ve moved here. If I tell him the truth, he will never want to see me again. I’m not the sweet innocent girl he thinks I am.

EXPOSE is a small town contemporary romance featuring a single dad and is book one of the Eagle Tactical series. EXPOSE ends with a HFN and a guaranteed series HEA.

Stealth: Mason

Sold to the mafia. I’m nothing more than a piece of property to my brother. Forced into an arranged marriage, I enlist the help of Eagle Tactical.


I moved in with Jaxson after the attack. It’s hard to keep my hands off him, but he’s my boss. He’s given me a job at Eagle Tactical as his subordinate.

I don’t take orders well, especially from a grumpy boss. He’s about just as grumpy as his toddler when she skips her afternoon nap.


I vowed to protect Ariella. That’s how much she means to me, but she’s gotten under my skin with her know everything attitude and sassy hip sway that has my body in overdrive.

I swore I’d never do a one-night stand. Is that what she thinks we shared? Is that why she hates me?

I don’t know how much longer I can wake up under the same roof, go to work with her, and not throw her down on the bed.

We have a mission that takes priority, but how can I keep my mind on the job when she’s always in the room, and I want to bend her over the desk?

STEALTH is book two in Eagle Tactical series and ends with a HFN and a guaranteed series HEA.

Conceal: Lincoln

I can’t tell her she’s under my protection…

I’ve been employed as a bodyguard in the past with Eagle Tactical for celebrities, musicians, even billionaires. I’ve never had any of them evade my protection.

The little Vixen that stormed into my life ended up as my responsibility.

I’ve been hired to protect her…in secret.

The studio contract is clear, I am not allowed to divulge to her that I’m her personal bodyguard when she leaves the set.

She will find out the truth and when she does she will hate me.

CONCEAL is book three in Eagle Tactical and features a hero that you already know and love from the series along with Ariella and Jaxson’s story leading toward their HEA. It is highly recommended that you read the series in order.

Jayden: Covert

Jayden wasn't the bad guy, just the bad boy and I fell for him, hard.


My niece has been missing for months and I've spent every waking hour tracking her down. I need a partner in crime, a woman on the inside that can help me gather intelligence.

Skylar is cute, snarky, and Jaxson's younger sister. She's completely off-limits and when my former military brother discovers that I've hired her in secret, he's going to kill me.


Desperate for cash, I agree to an undercover operation with Jayden Scott. For two grand a week, I have to be his fake fiancé. There's more to the job, he wants me to sneak around inside his boss's house and find everything I can on his niece’s whereabouts.

The plan goes south fast and I'm given an ultimatum: kidnap three girls by midnight or be sold at auction.

Covert: Jayden is the fourth book in the Eagle Tactical Series. This romantic suspense ends with a happily ever after. It is highly recommended that you read the series in order.

Eagle Tactical Collection

Welcome to Breckenridge, where the men are rugged, dominant, and will do whatever it takes to protect the women they love.

This collection contains four full-length romance novels including:

Expose: Jaxson

Ariella fled with only one thought in mind: survival. Could she trust, Jaxson, a former special forces soldier and single father or would he betray her?

Stealth: Mason

Hazel's been sold by her step-brother to the mafia in an arranged marriage. She enlists the help of an old flame, Mason, to rescue her.

Conceal: Lincoln

Hired to protect the sassy and troublesome starlet, Harper, he can't mix business with pleasure. Except she doesn't know he's been hired as her bodyguard.

Covert: Jayden

Bad boy Jayden enlists Skylar, his best friend’s sinfully sexy sister, to help find his missing niece — which means she has to pose as his fiancee to go undercover in a dangerous world. She’s utterly off-limits, but their chemistry might be too good to resist…

This contemporary romance collection is a slow burn romance featuring a grumpy single dad, a group of former military brothers, in a small town in Montana. You can expect romantic suspense, steamy scenes, and a bit of cursing. If that's not your thing or you're under 18, please move along.

Truce: Declan

She just needs a place to stay.

A better man wouldn’t take advantage. But I will…

When my friend Jaxson talks me into hosting my high school ex-girlfriend for a few days, I’m not exactly thrilled.

Katie might have had a good reason for breaking up with me—and I do consider college a good reason—but I can’t deny that the memory still stings.

Yes, she’s in town for her aunt’s funeral, and yes, I know the Blue Sky Resort is renovating, but it still stings.

The problem is, I forget all about it when she comes waltzing through the front door of our office.

That’s my Katie. Gorgeous, sweet, nervous Katie.

Now, a published romance author in need of a shirtless cover model…

She wants me for the job, but I want her in return.

How convenient that there’s only one bed in my house…

This is an extended, spicier version of Truce: Declan, which was originally published in Seeds of Love: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine.