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Faking it with the Billionaire

When you're a star athlete and hire a bodyguard to protect your daughter but…

The agency sends you an adorable 5 foot 2 brunette that barely looks capable of protecting herself, let alone anyone else.

Turns out "Ryan" is Emerson Ryan, former FBI. She drop-kicks your butt to the ground to prove her point.

She’s more than capable of protecting Bristol, your little girl…

But you shouldn’t be turned on by her fierceness.

Everyone thinks she’s your daughter’s nanny, including Bristol. Emerson looks the part and goes along with it at your insistence until she's forced to be your daughter's babysitter.

With a professional hockey career on the line, you need Emerson by your side. But questions will arise the moment you hire a "second" nanny for Bristol, and you don't want to worry your daughter about the threat to her safety.

The next best thing?

Hire Emerson as your fake girlfriend. She can protect Bristol, and you get a little extra publicity when the news learns about your spicy romance.

But how long can you pretend everything is fake when the sparks are real?

This steamy hockey romance book features a grumpy single dad, a sizzling romance with plenty of drama. No cheating. Standalone. HEA.

Daring the Hockey Player

I didn’t plan on dating a hockey player. It just kind of happened. 

At least that’s what I’m telling everyone. Except maybe I did plan it. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence at all…

Jasper Greyson is hot, flirty, and the epitome of trouble. 

But he’s off-limits. He’s my sister’s brother-in-law, or at least he’s about to be, which kind of makes us family.

I should be staying as far from him as possible, except I like hanging out with him, watching him on the ice, and grabbing drinks with him and the guys. 

Yes, I intentionally showed up when I knew he’d be at the bar because he posted it on social media. I’ve been stalking him.

I keep telling myself it’s a harmless crush. Feelings don’t have to be acted on.

We’re friends. I’m not sure he’ll ever see me as anything else. That’s problem number one. I’ve been friend-zoned.

Problem number two. My apartment complex caught fire, and I don’t have insurance. I have nowhere else to go.

And when Jasper finds out, he insists that I stay at his place, in his guest room. Stalking my crush online is one thing. Living with him is entirely something else.

This steamy rom-com hockey romance contains no cheating and no cliffhanger. It features characters from Faking it with the Billionaire but can be read as a standalone. HEA.