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Secret Vow

★★★★★ “stole my heart and soul…couldn’t stop reading” -Booksprout Reviewer

★★★★★ “…not only fast moving and action packed but had a good storyline from the start” -Bookbub Reviewer

★★★★★ “…great story line and well thought out characters.” -Goodreads Reviewer

She wants her freedom and all I want is her…

Nicole DeLuca, she’s the daughter of the biggest crime boss on the west coast. Did I mention that her father, Gino DeLuca, is my enemy?

I slept with Nikki and I can’t for the life of me forget about her. I’ve been keeping tabs on her, making sure no other men come anywhere near her.

I’ll chase them away like the beast that I am to protect her.

Like a caged bird, she’s desperate for freedom. Nikki sneaks out only to get snatched and sold as a bride.

Even in the darkest room, the dirtiest corner of the world, I recognize her. She’s my little kitten.

I buy her. Own her. Save her.

Except she doesn’t see it that way…

She wants her freedom and all I want is her and that baby.

This dark mafia romance is the first in the Mafia Marriages series and can be read as a standalone and ends with a happily ever after. It also features cameo appearances from the Eagle Tactical series.

Captive Vow

★★★★★ “slow burn but it was packed with a good story line and lots of adventure. Would recommend” -Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ “…written vividly and in a fast pace…Twists and turns, action and love, it is all here. Grab this book” -Booksprout Reviewer

★★★★★ “Wow, I couldn’t put this book down. Read it in one sitting!” -Goodreads Reviewer

Grumpy single dad seeks Nanny…

Her father tells me she’s mute. Except I catch her humming a lullaby.

He’s a liar. Or she has everyone deceived.

What possibly could a four-year-old be hiding?

I really should have done a background check on him. Imagine my surprise when I discover my grumpy boss works for the mafia.

I want to leave but he won’t let me. I’m his captive, forced to follow his rules and do as he demands.

This dark and dirty mafia romance is the second book in the Mafia Marriages series and can be read as a standalone and ends with a happily ever after. It also features cameo appearances from the Eagle Tactical series.

Savage Vow

★★★★★ “…anger, jealousy, revenge, and love. Love this book!” -Booksprout Reviewer

★★★★★ “…awesome mafia story full of drama, trust issues, and love. The main characters are strong and independent.” -Bookbub Reviewer

★★★★★ “Well written mafia captive romance, filled with suspense, twists, desires, steamy scenes and more!” -Goodreads Reviewer

I’m ordered to execute her…

I never expected to see her again.

We shared one wild night several years ago.

She had no idea that I work for the mafia.

I’m a savage, ruthless killer, but she’s innocent.

She saves lives.

I take them.

She’s a pediatric oncology nurse.

Could she be any more of a saint?

She entered the wrong hotel room.

There can’t be any witnesses.

My boss wants her dead.

Her life is in my hands.

I intend to make her my wife to protect her.

She’ll hate me but at least I can keep her safe.

This secret mafia baby romance features an arranged marriage and is the third book in the Mafia Marriages series. This book can be read as a standalone and ends with a happily ever after.

Unwilling Vow

Billionaire seeks surrogate…

She has a debt to repay and I have a need…for a child.

It is strictly a business transaction, nothing more. After the baby is born I’ll never see her again.

But bringing her into my home is a mistake. It could cost me everything. She’s curious. Sassy. And the biggest test to my patience.

How can I handle a child if I can’t handle her under my roof? It doesn’t help that her hormones are raging and she wants to murder me in my sleep.

I’m not that bad of a guy, I only run the mafia. And she can never find out.

This slow-burn age gap Mafia Romance is a standalone with a happily ever after.

Ruthless Vow

Men say I’m bred with Russian, that I should be bratva.

I have a reputation as being the most vicious and ruthless Italian in the world. They’re not wrong.

I murdered my boss and stole his throne.

He made me the beast that I am, and I made him pay the price.

But there’s a girl that I want beside me while I rule the city.

The only problem, she’s Russian and the little sister of my enemy. She’s innocent, naive, and has no idea what I intend to do to her family.

We’re at war with the bratva…

They’ve threatened our women, children, and attempted to burn our homes to the ground. They’ve come after our organization, stolen our shipments, and forced our hand.

The dons and our most trusted men must come together to destroy the bratva.

This secret baby, steamy slow-burn romantic suspense is the fifth book in the Mafia Marriages series. While it is a standalone, it features the mafia men of the previous books and will be enjoyed even more if you’ve read the entire series.