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Reid McCabe's Story

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers

—Jose Narosky

Scars is a realistic military drama, a love story.

The subject might be sensitive to some readers, as it the subject of veteran suicide.  

"A wonderful, well told contemporary story. As a mother of a veteran, awareness of veteran suicide and PTSD issues is so important."

What people are saying

A super great read

This is not just a romance. It is a story that takes you into real life that might be just a little too close to home in dealing with wounded warriors and how the aftereffects of war can ruin people's lives.

In Scars, we meet some wounded warriors that step up and help veterans like themselves that are dealing with the scars.

— Sherry Legan

Great book for veteran awareness

The topics of suicide and PTSD are discussed, but not in a way that brings the mood of the book down or makes it feel like a lecture. It is done respectfully with regards to the characters, the narrative, and the real live people who carry these heavy burdens. The characters are developed nicely in a real world setting and the dialogue is believable and enjoyable. I think that fans of romance novels will enjoy this along with anyone who has an interest or a connection to the Wounded Warrior Project.

— Phil Bolos

Get the tissues ready!

This is more than a love story this is about learning who are and what you want as well as the fact its OK to ask for help and nobody needs to go it alone. 

That the book is so well balanced by laughs,sadness, great characters, highs and lows, very, very cute dogs and a story that reflects what happens in real life makes this a fantastic read you won't want to put down!

— Fleur W