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About Me

Like many writers, & creative people I know, I am instinctively quiet. I would say I'm shy; my friends laugh when I say that, but that is because they are my friends, and I can relax around them.

I'm that person you see sitting in the corner, staying out of the way when somewhere, or with people I don't know.

I am an immensely Proud Mum, Nana, and Lover of excellent coffee; it's my desert island item!

I love fiction with a bit of spice woven into the plot. Growing up, I read the likes of Anne Rice and later Laurell K. Hamilton. There's a certain amount of hero worship for the latter author. I could mention so many more authors, but the list would be longer than some of my novellas!

I'm ever grateful to the writers and creatives I've enjoyed reading and watching, plus now making connections with. They have helped me grow as a writer and creative person.

Alas, I need help to draw, but I never said I'm perfect. 😁

As for my muse, she takes pride in place, sitting on the naughty step regularly as she bombards me with delicious naughtiness and wonderful ideas.

Take care and toodles, for now, Caroline XOXO.