David Ralph

A personal message from David Ralph . . . How to Stop Looking at Beautiful Women and Start Dating Them! was written with the beginner in mind. To some, it may seem too naïve because the painful fact of today’s world is that there is a dearth of good women to choose from. They still DO exist, but they are much farther and fewer in between. Problems with women have plagued men since the dawn of time to be sure, but now they are worse than ever before. That is why I have written three follow up books for the discerning gentleman who seeks to navigate through the female mind fields (SIC!) that exist today. The first and natural follow up to this book was written as a polar opposite to many of the action techniques outlined in How to Stop Looking at Beautiful Women and Start Dating Them! It’s a little tome with the innocuous title, How to Make Women Chase You. In it I describe in great detail how to create conditions that literally force women to take action to get you to notice them, how to keep the women you are involved with interested in you, and most importantly, how to turn rejection into affection. The next book you will want to check out is entitled 101 Lines of Female Crap! What They Mean and How to React (with very little effort). This is the antithesis to all those books written about what to say to a woman (i.e. opening lines). In it you will learn just what a woman means when she says what she says AND how to react to it. By reading this you will be better equipped to figure out on your own whether any woman you ever become involved with is worth your investment of time, money and emotion. Women, by their very nature speak in riddles (leaving only at best) clues for you to figure out. This book will unlock the key to understanding and dealing with the top 101 lines of female crap that every man in the history of men has ever had to deal with! (You will also find an extra-added bonus of what to do if you ever get caught cheating with another woman . . . so make sure you don’t miss this one!) Finally, the fourth book has been written for the man who has been disrespected, screwed over, and left in a heartbroken heap of bones by the once revered and cherished love of his life. This book has been called chilling and repulsive by women in the know, and for good reason. In this fourth installment I outline in painstaking detail exactly what to do when you have been lied to, cheated on, and left . . . for no other reason but that you loved her. This book, if followed to the letter, may, and quite possibly will have the calamitous effect of making your ex-girlfriend, wife, or lover obsess over getting you back into her life, seeing you dead, or both. The title says it all: How to Get Revenge on a Woman (without getting arrested). Of course all of these books are available right here, so don’t delay—order today. I also welcome feedback. Feel free to send your questions and comments to me at geterback@gmail.com. Thanks for your continued support. Now go get ‘em Tiger!