Jacob Basimanebotlhe Malatji

Basi Malatji is an author and an entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Executive Consultant at Dinatla Business Development Consultants, the company whose core business is the development of junior managers, entrepreneurs and business owners. He has been in this position since 2009. His experience and expertise include 17 years in banking which he served with 3 major South African Banks at different management levels. His continuing work as an MBA graduate involves a project on a change management model regarding the empowerment of managers at lower management levels. Basi writes from his many years of experience in guiding businesses and consulting with entrepreneurs seeking to set up businesses. This exposure and experiences gives him the ‘voice’ of authority and makes one to take note of his opinions and comments. He shares with readers his experiences and know-how acquired from his positions as a manager, a leader, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and an author. His passion is passionate about people, their development and success in life and is motivated by those who remain humble in the mist of thunderous successes. He is inspired by the resilient nature of the human mind, potent with power unimaginable to achieve things that even those possessing it cannot begin to fathom. Basi has written two other books and more than three articles on entrepreneurial and business development.