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Andreas Wolff
The Music Paradise story began in 1989... ...when a good friend told me about an expedition of his uncle, who wanted to take a quite adventurous trip to Greenland in a replica Viking ship. This project was realized with an ATARI ST 1040.When he told ...
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Anything started in the middle of the 80swith a sound tracker program on the Commodore C64.From that first encounter, I was immediately fascinated by the possibilities to create emotions using certain sounds.Since it was at that time rather less easy...
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Joaquin Ace
Joaquin Ace has an ear for sound design and has put many hours into creating the best preset packs available. Together with his production style, love of the harder genres and passion for all things 'electronic' he has embodied a pure and unrestricte...
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Las VegasBeen producing since ‘98 with over 1000 tracks published under my belt. I’m a sound designer by day and a EDM producer by night, with a knack for remixing video game music into electronic musicEmail
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