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101 Courses, Training, Apps and Secrets: Blogging CTA’s
You will learn from the best Attorney/Lawyers and Bloggers:There are many more but I am only listing a handful here.You will learn from the best:Blogger and Attorney, Mariam Tsaturyan – Trademark and Business Attorney Blogger and Lawyer Lucrezia Iapi...
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an image of various pages of Food And Beverage Holidays eBook
Food And Beverage Holidays
STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME AND BE READY FOR ALL THE UPCOMING FOOD AND BEVERAGE HOLIDAYS WELL IN ADVANCE.You need to ensure that you have your post ready on each topic at least 2-3 months before the National, Global, or International, World Food and Bev...
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An image of various Canva Tricks and Hacks for Everyday Use
Canva Tricks and Hacks for Everyday Use
Can I use Images and Elements (Free and Pro Users)Quick answer: If you have Canva Pro, you can resell your designs regardless of if you are using Pro or Free images.If you are not using the image in a design and you want to download them as it is, wi...
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