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Content Notes for Frost Zone Zine

As announced in April, Frost Zone Zine has ceased publication. We published six issues between 2020 and 2022. You can download a PDF (and for some issues an ePUB) of each issue in the shop.

Content Notes

If you require content warnings before downloading an issue, please refer to the following:

This is a horror and dark fiction publication. Although not overly graphic, a large percentage of the work published here contains the macabre: death, murder, gore, and violence.

We will attempt to include a content warning for certain topics that some may find disturbing above the general acceptance that death, murder, gore, violence, and the macabre can be found in this publication.

Content warnings (CW) will be noted in a list on this page for stories containing the following:

  • Death of child
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Domestic violence
  • Suicide
  • Child abuse*
  • Abduction
  • Animal harm/abuse*
  • Sexual assault*
  • Intruder

*We strive to NOT publish these topics, but they are sometimes referred to, implied, or have been published in the past.

The CWs are kept separate so those wishing to see them may, and those who do not like to see them (potential spoilers) will not.


Blood, Ashes, Wine: death of child

Death’s Door: potential harm to newborn

Birth of the Living Night: description of dying animal

A Lament for the Times Before: intruders


On the Surface: death of child


Gender Reveal: fear of pregnancy loss

The Swirling Shavings: domestic violence/death

Crocodile: death of child

More Things in Heaven and Earth: suicide

Walk in the Park: death of child

Pareidolia: death of child

Faces: loss of child

The December Incident: death of children


One For Sorrow: child abuse

The Company I’m Forced to Keep: (implied) domestic abuse/murder

Issue 2 CW:

An Arm and A Leg: domestic violence/murder

Issue 1 CW:

Ways of Love: implied sexual assault

Elevator: intruder, concern for child safety

L’Oink: animal abuse/harm, (implied child harm — child harm is not present in the story)