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Conversations with Zack #2 - You are not alone!

This is a continuation of Zack’s real life journey I posted two week ago. If you have not read it yet then you may read it on my webpage. I will add the link below.

This is the greatest journey, the journey within. Spirituality need not be a fixed goal on a fixed path. The spiritual journey is yours alone. It is not defined, directed or generated by anything outside of your mind.

Zack wrote:

I have a question for everyone. Ask yourself, would I share my deepest, darkest and most intimate secrets with EVERYONE? I think it’s safe to say that was a resounding NO. Well what would that accomplish anyway? How would that improve anything for anyone? 

If we really dig in and be honest with ourselves it could help some things. Would it make us watch our words better? Would it make us slower to respond to something as to avoid embarrassment? If everything we did and said was put on display for the world to see, how do you think society would judge you? 

I will be the first to offer up my personal answer. I would be judged quite badly. Now before anyone starts chucking stones I’ll add some context. I’m a sinner, I curse, I swear and actually I think I check off most “sinner” qualification’s. 

Here’s the other side of that coin. I’m a kind caring person that would give my last to someone in need and have done so many times. Not for any recognition either. I truly strive to be more like Jesus although I fail miserably, every time! I often find myself thinking to God, why am I this way? It’s like I have the heart of a Saint and the mind of a sinner Lucifer himself would be proud of. 

Even typing this It’s like God is being that immutable voice in the back of my head countering my claims and telling me that “I am as he made me” and do I think he would make a mistake? I really don’t think he would. 
Now there’s a point to all this and this is it! We are always being watched and our words and actions cataloged in detail. Two are doing this, first is the almighty and the second is the government! The difference? One will judge you here on earth and the other in heaven. We should always think, act and speak as if everyone can see our thoughts and actions.
Who knows, maybe it will do some good. Our words and actions have an effect on everything it touches. If everyone knew and understood this, I think we could change the world a little for the better. We are the creators of our own destiny and in my opinion I believe it makes us our own worst enemy. 

God made us in his image and gave us free will, but just because we can doesn’t mean we should. We may falter but God’s unconditional love will always be there and we owe it to ourselves to do only what will glorify God and bring us closer to him. I really think that would be something that God would be proud of! I know who I would rather impress, do you?
Zack L.

My response:

I would like to add a thought or two to what Zack wrote above. 

 “God made us in his likeness, which means we are the creators of our own destiny through our thoughts, words and actions.” 

When we really examine this, at the end of the day I believe we are own worst enemies. Remember “God is Unconditional Love” so there are no strings attached, he loves you no matter what. We are the ones that judge ourselves most harshly.

Once we can admit and acknowledge our own shortcomings we have taken the first step for the healing process to begin. At this stage however do not make the mistake of feeling guilty, embarrassed or angry at yourself. Self incrimination won’t serve you well, instead it takes you to dark places. What’s done is done and in this instance self forgiveness is the key to moving on.

 Through articles like these I am hoping we can point out that we are after all, all human beings and that we need to learn to love each other no matter what our shortcomings may be. Love and unity is the only way to heal the world and it starts with us!

Keep it fun, friction-free, and enjoy the roller-coaster journey. Stay in the present moment. Stay within your heart. Yes, lots of ideas and mental worlds to ponder but there is only this moment, Live in it and enjoy the “present” to its fullest it’s a “gift” from God. 

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