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This Eye-Opening Analogy Will Change Your Perceptions of the Pandemic

A friend of mine shared this article with me. Unfortunately, I have no idea of its origin, but I thought it was a well-written piece and certainly food for thought, so I decided to share it with my readers.

This Eye-Opening Analogy Will Change Your Perceptions of the Covid Pandemic

In his book, "The Lost Art of Healing," Nobel Laureate Bernard Lown recounts a remarkable experiment conducted on a condemned prisoner in India in 1936. Given the choice between being hanged or having his blood gradually and painlessly drained, the prisoner chose the latter. Strapped to a bed and blindfolded, water containers were secretly attached to the bedposts, and drip buckets were set up below. The sound of dripping water was then played loudly and gradually, and as it stopped, the healthy young man's heart stopped as well. He died without losing a drop of blood.

Dennis Coon's "Essentials of Psychology, Exploration and Application," states two ways of dying from fright. One is through the "fight-or-flight" response causing physiological reactions, and the other is "parasympathetic rebound" which results in the stopping of the heart when the body tries to calm itself too much.

The experiment that was conducted on the Indian prisoner sentenced to death was replicated on the global population in March 2020. We were led to believe that there was a highly dangerous virus and a pandemic of unprecedented scale. This caused billions of people to fear for their lives, as the media portrayed a common cold as something that was perceived by many people as an extinction-level event, which they were reminded of all day long by all these mask-wearing zombies (by the way, that was the main reason for the mask mandate).

It is crucial to note that instead of responding to the PsyOp in China (where fake videos were released by the Chinese Communist Party, showing Chinese citizens trembling on the streets), with calmness and composure, the media propagated fear and panic, which is the opposite of a pandemic response, as prescribed by the WHO until 2020. This led to elevated cortisol levels in the body, triggering numerous inflammatory processes that resulted in quicker deaths, particularly for weaker individuals.

Although Covid-19 is often claimed to be a bioweapon (i.e. discussions about GoF research, lab-theory, are just a distraction in my opinion), the absence of excess mortality in African countries where people were unaware of Covid makes it quite improbable. Nevertheless, our governments are utilizing other bioweapons that harm our health, such as trans fats and high-carb diets. Furthermore, the importance of vitamin D and exercise are being disregarded, and fear is being maintained through obscure testing strategies (the test is the pest and @c_drosten knew exactly what he developed this Covid PCR protocol for) and the constant emergence of new 'DEADLY' variants.

The pandemic response was THE (!!!) deadly scandal that went against the policy of calming the population and taking positive health measures. Instead of promoting healthy habits and banning harmful substances, the response was to impose strict measures, inject gene therapy, and spread fear through the media. Fear kills. Those who spread fear and orchestrated the whole plandemic were consequently killing millions of people and thus need to be held accountable.

It is high time to recognize that the real danger to our health is not a virus but rather the harmful practices that are being propagated by our governments and other powerful entities such as the Gates Foundation, The World Economic Forum, The Welcome Trust, etc. We must take control of our health by making informed choices about what we put into our bodies and how we take care of ourselves. Only then can we hope to emerge from this crisis stronger and healthier than ever before.

This wasn't a pandemic caused by a mere common cold virus, but a deliberate plan to spread fear and enslave the global population in the name of the Great Reset, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And to those who label me a conspiracy theorist, mark my words, we will revisit this topic in 2-3 years and see who was right all along.