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Welcome to Ihtiriekko Shop

Dear friend knitters! Ihtiriekko Shop is moving, finally! :D

There has been a lot of wishes to have the shop both in Finnish and English in one place and now, finally, it is becoming true!

My English followers can still find my patterns in Ravelry (ihtiriekkoknits), but those who prefer not using PayPal can already find a lot in the new shop. For now the shop is only in Finnish, but when we'll get all things in place, it's going to be in English as well.

Go take your first looks:

About Me

Hi, I am Finnish knitter who loves forests, small horses, curly dogs, good books and black tea. I have studied folklore studies and anthropology in Turku University, Finnish nature, mythology and folklore are endless source of my knitting inspirations and ideas. I live in a small, yellow house with my husband and a dog.

When Covid-19 stopped the world in march 2020 and I needed to stay home when everything was cancelled I decided to knit through whole Kalevala. Kalevala is collection of old, mythic poems and folklore stories of Finland. There are more than 50 poems in the Kalevala so there are plenty of stories to knit. I am novelist so telling stories is important to me and when I knit sweaters or socks I always want to include stories to my knitting projects.

When I first started my project I didn’t plan to write patterns or sell them for others to knit. After I published first photo of Maailman synty sweater (“Birth if the World, first poem of Kalevala)on my IG account there were so many questions about the pattern that I decided to try. 

If you like, you can follow my IG account: @ihtiriekkoknits. I also try to answer all the comments and messages I get on IG and Ravelry but sometimes it takes a day or few.