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Frequently Asked Questions

|♕ Frequently Asked Questions ♕|

♕Please Note: As this is a digital file, once you’ve purchased and downloaded the file, I can no longer give you a refund since there is no way for me to un-download or return the file from your computer. If there is a technical issue with the file, please email me screenshots of any error messages to Thanks for understanding!

♕By purchasing this item, you agree only to use this for personal use. Distribution or exact replica recreations are not authorized by L.Piddy Collection and are highly discouraged. This includes all formats such as digital and physical copies. 

♕Will I be shipped the planner page? 

No physical item will be shipped to you. This is a digital download that once purchased, is made available to you immediately. 

♕How long will I have to wait to download the item I purchased?

Per PayHip: “If you purchased a digital product, you will immediately be taken to a page where you can download your file.”

♕What should I do if I don’t get the option to download?

Please email so that I can investigate the issue and get the download to you. 

♕What payment types are accepted? 

PayHip currently supports PayPal and Stripe. Customers can use PayPal account or card for purchase.

♕What’s included in the file?

The download includes the left and right pages. A printer instruction page has been included if you don’t have a double-sided printer.

♕What is the file format?

The file format is a PDF. You can view PDF files through Google Chrome, uploading to your Google Drive, Preview on Apple computers, Adobe Acrobat, and most PDF software programs.

♕Before printing, if you purchased a size other than “Letter” make sure to change the size of your paper in the printer settings. 

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