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Liz Paffel Author

Liz Paffel Author

I'm the USA Today Bestselling author of sci fi alien romance books, featuring alien abduction romance, fated mates romance, aliens on earth romance, and book bundles for a little binge reading.

Estes Park Shifters Signed Paperback Bundle

A slight misprinting error means BIG savings for you! Grab an over 50% discount from regular pricing for this mini book bundle. Books are signed, prettily packaged, and in otherwise perfect printed condition.

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Bear in a Bakery Signed Paperback

$6.00 signed paperback!

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Add to your book collection without breaking the bank. These paranormal romance paperback books arrived with the hero's name misprinted on the back cover. As such, YOU get a deep discount!

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alien romance unexpected pregnancy book bundle

Luxx Warriors On Earth Ebook Bundle

Aliens on Earth romance in a mini romance ebook bundle.

Dig into the world of Luxx Aliens on Earth in this two-book ebook bundle, featuring Books one and two.

This fated mates alien romance features abduction, stalking, insta-love, a sparkly stage show, lots of laughs, and alien romance unexpected pregnancy!

sci fi romance aliens wings alien abudction romance

Cosmic SWAT Ebook Bundle

If you crave an alien protector with wings, telemetry, mind control and the power to fight every enemy, this science fiction romance bestselling bundle is for you! This ebook bundle is full of action and adventure, hot romance, and emotional endings.

What readers are saying

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This story was very entertaining. The action and mystery kept it unfolding in a interesting way without stretching it out. Recomend fior scifi and romance readers.

— Rescued by the Alien Enforcer

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I enjoyed the excitement of the story and the way the characters were damaged get still heroic. I've read a few of the books in this series and each time I do, I think it's the best one, lol.

— Taken by the Axxeon

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Really fun read about meeting a sexy alien in a bar, finding some UFOs, sleeping in a weird castle, and stumbling into a cult. Fun read!

— Wrong Bed Right Alien