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From Chaos to Calm -A Single Mother's Journey Through A Journal

From The Pen Of A Black King


Keep Yo Ass Outta Jail!: You Are Needed


I Am Not Ok: Mental Awareness (Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Reassurance)


I Am Not Strong...Enough A Single Mothers Journal: A Coaches Guide To A Better You


14 Day Joyful Single Mommy Challenge


Healthy Affirmations for Single Mother's


Healing Scriptures


Mindful Self Check-In Guide


Managing Stress


Vision Panner & Journal 2022


Vision Board Journal Planner 2022 PDF Fillable


Daily Gratitude Template


Monetary Balance Log


Avoid Negative Thinking


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M2AA products are guidelines you need to become a better you and assist you with conquering certain obstacles. We love to help you manifest your purpose, vision and your journey to becoming a greater YOU, while obtaining a clear vision and healthy life balance.

We all have a gift that should be shared with the world, it's time to move towards brighter future with passion, purpose and a better focus on the thigs that matter most.

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