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Unimat Traffic Coupons - Save Money on Parking Blocks and Speed Humps

If you are planning to purchase a parking block or a speed humps, you may find Unimat traffic helpful. These products are designed to reduce injuries and speeding while in the same location. Here are the latest offers and discounts available for Unimat Traffic products. You can use these coupons to save a lot of money. So, if you want to purchase a parking block, you can click on the link below to learn more about it.

Rubber speed humps

Rubber speed humps, also known as speed bumpers, are an ideal way to slow traffic down to 15 mph. They can be used for a variety of applications, from schools and parking lots to roadways and retirement communities. Unimat traffic humps come in many different colors and are available in various sizes. These speed humps are odorless and have no exposed hardware. They are inexpensive, eco-friendly, and look great.

The 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bumps from Unimat are made of high-quality materials and are designed to reduce traffic to between ten and fifteen miles per hour. They are an ideal choice for parking lots, schools, and retirement communities. These rubber speed humps can be installed on asphalt, concrete, and cable protectors. The units lock together to create a smooth surface, and they are easy to install. If you're looking for affordable speed humps, Unimat has a variety of options that are suitable for your needs.

Rubber parking blocks

The advantages of using Rubber parking blocks are obvious. They're environmentally friendly and make parking lots look beautiful. They're also highly visible, with molded in reflective tape. Parking blocks are a great alternative to concrete curbs and parking spaces. They're easy to install and can be installed in just one person. Depending on the location, they can be mounted with four different types of mounting hardware. Rubber parking blocks come with four different mounting options, including twelve-inch galvanized steel spikes, eight-inch lag bolts, and 5" 'TapCons.'

Compared to traditional concrete parking blocks, Rubber parking blocks are significantly lighter and are easier to handle. The contrasting blue color is easy to spot from a distance. They also make parking lots look more organized and safe. Furthermore, they don't damage vehicles' front wheels. Therefore, you can place them anywhere you need to, including in high-traffic areas. If you need a permanent parking block, you can go with the Handicap Rubber Parking Block. The Handicap Rubber Parking Block weighs only 34 lbs. It's durable and made of 80% recycled and 20% virgin rubber.

Rubber parking blocks reduce injuries

Parking on a concrete or cement-made block can be extremely dangerous. The heavy weight of the concrete or cement can cause serious injuries to pedestrians, walkers, and drivers. A rubber parking block has a lower profile so that low-front-end vehicles will not damage it. This product has four different types of mounting hardware for permanent installation. They are made to withstand all weather conditions. These parking blocks also feature four mounting holes for permanent installation.

Since rubber parking blocks are made from recycled rubber, they will not split when a heavy truck hits them. They also don't fade in bright sunlight, so they are easily spotted at night or during the day. The department of transportation should consider making these parking blocks compulsory in large parking lots, especially those that have high traffic volumes. Using rubber parking blocks is an excellent way to reduce traffic injuries and contribute to protecting the environment.

Where to buy Unimat Traffic products

Where to buy Unimat Traffic products? It is not an easy question to answer as the brand has spread all over the world. With its high quality products, it is important to have a reliable source where you can buy it. Ubuy, a one-stop shop for many essential products, is a great place to buy them. In fact, you can even save money with their current offers. You can browse through the wide range of products at this store and choose what suits your needs the best.

For commercial properties, Unimat speed bumps are a great option for controlling traffic. These traffic calming devices are made from ultra-dense rubber and are easy to install. They are odorless and contain no exposed hardware, making them a green solution. Whether you're looking for a low-priced product or a high-quality one, Unimat traffic products are the way to go.