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I cannot see the products I have purchased in my account

Hello everyone!

It happens to many people that after purchasing one or more of my plugins, they create an account in Payhip and cannot see any of the products they have purchased. Below I am going to explain why and how to solve this.

If you create a user account and log in before purchasing any Quiet Music product on Payhip, all the products you purchase while you are logged in will appear immediately.

What happens if I buy without having first created a user account? You will only be able to access your downloads through the emails that Payhip sends after you have purchased.

In these emails that Payhip sends after purchasing my plugins, you have an option to add the products to your account.

Follow these steps to add your purchases to your account:

1 - Create a user account in Payhip and log in.

2 - Open the email of the product you have purchased and click on (See image)

3 - Go to your inbox and confirm the email received.

4 - After this process you will see the products you have purchased in your account.

If you have any questions about this, contact me at