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Handmade journals,

tassels & dangles,


ephemera kits,

journal covers.

Digitals made with my photography,

seamless patterns,

non seamless patterns,

whole books, my designs, illustrations, brushes, vintage documents.

Narrow lace, wide lace,

cotton lace, fabric trim,

ribbon, torn fabric strips,

fabric remnants,

lace snippets & pieces.

Watercolor washed pages,

acrylic stained pages,

black & fruit tea stained papers,

single & double dipped

coffee stained papers.

Beads, charms, buttons,

brooches, pins,

earrings, watch faces,

assembled and deconstructed

costume jewelry,

(coming soon)

New and/or unused


from thrift store hauls;

new, unused, or slightly-used

craft supplies.

(coming soon)

Vintage photos,

cabinet cards, postcards,

documents, book pages,

handkerchiefs, doilies & other linens,

all from my personal collection.

(coming soon)

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category coming