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September 2020 Base


Patreon Base 01 - May 2020


About Me

My name is Ryn Universe. I'm a Digital Artist, Website Developer, and Graphic Artist.


  • You must credit me for my base when uploading.
  • Credit Ryn on FA and/or RynUniverse on Twitter. Or link here!
  • You can use this base for adopts, refs, commissions, and more.
  • You can not redistribute the base to friends or family if they didn't pay for it.

Bases that come with Kaijukuma Panda™ ears are ONLY to be used for:

  • Making Your Own Kaijukumas after purchasing a slot from me.
  • Helping someone else with their MYO after they have purchased their slot.
  • Transferring your already purchased Kaijukuma Panda to the base.

 Breaking the Rules will result in Corrective Action.

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