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A Curse of Sales & Feathers

She’s tormented for being different. He’s sick of burying his wives. When their fates are bound, can they forge a peace that entwines their hearts?

Airi’s unique hair and skin color bring her unrelenting grief. Scheming to flee her cruel mother, the seventeen-year-old awakens after a vicious beating to find her beloved sister enslaved over an accusation of theft. And when she trades her freedom to save her sibling, she’s horrified when she’s given as a tribute to a brutal Ice Dragon.

The Dragon King, Kalden keeps his true form hidden from the world. Cursed to wed those not of his choosing, the immortal reluctantly accepts a new offering but throws her into a cold tower refusing to grow close to the filthy mortal. But after a scolding from his brothers, he relents and gives his unwelcome guest comfortable accommodations with a warm bath that reveals her alluring beauty.

Desperate to escape, Airi befriends a kind hunchback who urges her to accept a proposal of marriage from the king as a means of avoiding slavery. And though Kalden tries to end the evil infecting his neglected kingdom, his increasing obsession with his stunning captive could end in a catastrophic heartache.

With a slaver and a magical nemesis plotting their demise, can they reclaim free will and find their own forever?

A Curse of Scales & Feathers is the heartwarming first standalone book in the Brides of the Dragon Kings fantasy romance series. If you like resilient heroines, slow-burn relationships, and deeply realized worlds, you’ll adore S.D. Huston’s flight of fancy.