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L-OV-E Your Global Neighbor as ONE

How far reaching is the golden rule, "Love thy neighbor" for you? Does it only pertain to the man, woman, friend or family next door? OR Does right technology make our social media network, the "new neighbor"?

Whether near or far, today I choose to "love my global neighbor" who ever and where ever you are. That said; sometimes love means sharing awful truths.

If I offend anyone, please know it is not intentional. I hope it's an opportunity for us to learn, share, and grow as "global friends, citizens and neighbors" together as one.

Background: I had been wondering why the sudden 24/7 media press "to go get your free vaccination" suddenly stopped. It slowed down after parents started pressing for more information before making an intelligent decision as to whether or not to vaccinate their children.

I remind you; it is the parents' choice not the media or government. Once a judge denied Pfizer's request to hide clinical trial results for 75 years, the media press went silent.

It's worth noting that studies in India have shown that people with low counts of Vitamin D are more vulnerable to COVID 19. Sunlight, fresh air and appropriate daily doses of Vitamin D are God's natural immunity boosters that significantly improve the body's ability to prevent infection. When well maintained, the human body rises to the occasion and builds its immune system to accommodate evolving changes in the environment.

Imagine that. Deep breathing and sunshine. And if it's cloudy, an over the counter Vitamin D or multivitamin supplement. No prescription medication required. Sounds pretty doable to me.

Then it was 24/7 Media War on Russia or was it Ukraine. I can't be sure. There's so much going on. Even as a patriotic American, I try to remain objective. I just want the truth. Anyway, I finally got my answer.

I wont repeat it here. You can read about it in my blog: "People Passover Today's News in Purim's Past"

For the record, I am not against all vaccinations. Some, like polio vaccines, have proven to be very helpful. However, it takes time to test a product's efficacy, and the good should definitely outweigh the health risks. Mass testing is wrong.

Whenever possible, and it is, I believe one should seek natural preventive measures. Most are readily available to those who seek. Humans are not machines nor should be treated as such.

That said, the COVID19 "plague", mass vaccinations, and the War in Ukraine are all appear to inter-related. Apparently, several government agencies, including and especially the United States, have been actively developing chemical warfare methods in the back yards of every day citizens worldwide. 

USAToday did wonderful coverage on America's Secret Biolabs back in 2015. I wish we paid attention.

Two problems: 1) bio labs should be treated like nuclear labs 2) human lives are at stake

Bio Labs and the creation and testing of pathogens on humans has been happening here in the USA (sad to say), Ukraine, Afghanistan, and assuredly worldwide. We've heard rumors about bio-germ testing in places like Flint, MI and San Francisco et al for quite awhile. Now we know it's true.

In fact, it's becoming quite clear that these horrific worldwide events and lies may have even led to 9/11 in NYC and now the COVID19 plague. I can't say for sure, but it's almost certain.

Hollywood and Washington D.C need a divorce and that needs to happen now. They're using your tax dollars for this.

Truth is emerging and it's about time. People need an awakening.

I discuss it in the documentary, My Love is One TELL THEM! Don't worry. I'm not here to sell any tickets. It's free. You can watch Part 1 on YouTube and/or the entire four part series on Vimeo in your spare time.

Meanwhile, I am posting this blog a couple of weeks after Purim and just a few weeks before Passover. I believe we as a global society need divine intervention. We need God's help asap. Every day is a good day to pray but especially now.

We need immediate change, and the current government administration is too corrupt to listen right now. Ordinary people, caring social activists and prayer - not government - make significant changes in this era.

(This video applies to all current events that pertain to the well being of society at large.)

GOD can do things faster, cleaner, and better than any government or specific social group that may or may not have a hidden agenda. I know of what I speak. I've seen miracles. Now, you will too.

We need our Global Neighbors to participate in a Mighty Miracle for the Ages. Those of us who care need to come together as one to effect global healing and change collectively. 

Those who can, please FAST. Fasting empowers the soul. It allows prayers to rise up, breakthrough, and heal areas of life with less interference from the opponent.

Fast for a day or several days. Fast during breakfast or lunch or just eat one meal a day. Whatever you can do unless you have a health condition, pregnant or on medication that doesn't allow you to do so.

Just make it intentional and be consistent. Keep it going.

If you can't fast, pray. PRAYER is the most essential component.

Start now. But let's keep going at least through Passover which is April 15-April 23, 2022.

Pick a certain time throughout the day when you will actively PRAY about the following:

1) End any and all forms of germ warfare and intentional harmful pathogens and permanently shut down all destructive bio labs worldwide. We don't need them. If it's harmful to one, it's harmful to us all.

2) Help Ukraine and all countries being innocently attacked using bio-warfare "practice tests"

 3) End all forms of government corruption.

4) Ask for GOD's divine help to place TRUST worthy, honest, GOD fearing government and elected officials worldwide who can and will be held accountable so that good people everywhere can thrive in good health, live in peace and prosper financially without bringing harm to themselves or others.

5) ADD your personal or family PRAYER needs.

Whatever happens, stay calm and PRAY. Fear and panic is the enemy. Fear is their strategy.

Can YOU do that? Can WE do that? I believe we can.

No matter what time you pray, please know that MIDNIGHT in your time zone is an especially good and BEST time to pray. That's when the King of the Universe enters the Prayer Room.

PRAY for every country and every government on the planet as there are nefarious forces working behind the scenes and have apparently been planning these events for some time. This can best be likened to the (above ground) Underground Railroad of our day. Truth is our vehicle for change.

We now know there were no "weapons of mass destruction' in Afghanistan per se. But the U.S. government was developing chemical weapons of mass destruction using that location as a "test site".

It was wrong. GOD knows it. Now we know too. Our prayers are with you all. As an American, I apologize to any person or nation who may have been harmed by these inhumane unlawful practices.

We can't bring back those who suffered from past global atrocities including those who died from COVID19 who may or may not be victims of bio-warfare "testing". But we can honor them with this "global mass awakening" for monumental and very necessary change.

This is not a drill folks. This is REAL and we are ALL in it together. We are ONE as neighbors.

For those interested, I've also started a new series on The My Love is One Podcast entitled: Seeing/Knowing GOD for Yourself. It's also available on iHeart Radio and Spotify. Check it out.

May GOD bless us and protect us today and always. Amen. Please share this blog post. 

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2

LeTicia Lee is producer of the doc-u-series My Love is One TELL THEM!

Check out a NEW series on The My Love is One Podcast entitled: Seeing/Knowing GOD for Yourself.

Also available on iHeart Radio and Spotify.

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