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We Need To Talk... Station is a station for the PEOPLE, to get your Voices heard, to get your businesses Seen. Join the Station be interviewed, listen, learn, speak your thoughts and have your own show all on one station.

"I believe we need to know, I believe we need to network and I believe we need to work together." - Jarrod Randolph

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Freed by Love by Earnstine L. Smith

Author/ Spoken word Artist, Pastor, Radio Talk Show Host & Podcast Host.

Earnestine L. Smith writes a poetic book on her experience of how she was freed by love. Step into the journey of how Earnestine L Smith was Freed by Love.

Hood Love: a book of poems by Faye Austin

Growing up on the East side of Tampa Fl I have had my share of bad boys. But the bad boys makes you feel so good. Hood Love introduces you to my way of self expression. Being blessed to overcome good and bad in relationships and life experiences. Some poems where in real time whether I was smiling or crying. While others where written after the trails and tribulations. Experience the love and emotions while I take you with me on my journey to find my true hood love.


Q. K. B. A. E

I am a Master Puppeteer who mission is to bring joy, happiness and laughter to children, underprivileged young adults, disabled and elderly by the way of social media, private parties/sessions, and charity events through the creative arts of Puppetering.


MsDana Jay (Da.Network Junkie) CEO & Founder of Da.Network Group LLC based out of Detroit Michigan

Mission: To encourage, empower, uplift & educate fellow community leaders, business owners & youth mentee into a sustainable way of succeeding in life. Through a network using methods of experience, training & consulting individuals that seeks after self empowerment. Team Work Makes The Dream Work


Atlanta Hair Doctor

Atlanta Hair Doctor Shampoo and Conditioner is built specifically for your hair based on your hair’s unique needs. Because our shampoo uses Aloe Vera and Tea Tree, my shampoo will Soften, Smooth and Detangle your hair. Atlanta Hair Doctor's formula will gently cleanse your hair, removing environmental toxins and initiating the protection and repair process of this system.

Atlanta Hair Doctor's shampoo will begin the process of building a natural shine to your hair.

Florida Barber And Beauty Academy

Our mission at Florida barber and beauty academy is to provide aspiring barbers with the highest quality education and training, empowering them to excel in the rapidly evolving field of barbering. We are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages creativity, cultivates technical skills, and instills professionalism. Through hands-on experience, industry-leading techniques, and personalized mentorship, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to become skilled barbers and successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of barbers who will make a positive impact on their communities and contribute to the growth and innovation of the barbering industry."


Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes is a global company committed to changing people's lives across the world with nutritional products and HELPING EACH OTHER.


7 Figure Funding

We help less established business owners get up to $150,000 in 0% revolving credit lines even if they are a brand new business or have no sales yet. We provide a money back guarantee to obtain the best and most funding your clients qualify for. We'll even help them get multiple types of funding to ensure they get the most capital to grow their business and purchase your products, programs, coaching, etc.

Become an Affiliate Financing Partner & Help Your Clients Today






Chime is a financial technology company founded on the premise that basic banking services should be helpful, easy and free. We want to profit with our members, not from them. That’s why our model doesn’t rely on overdraft fees, monthly service fees, service fees, minimum balance requirements, and more.

We partner with regional banks to design member first financial products. This creates a more competitive market with better, lower-cost options for everyday Americans who aren’t being served well by traditional banks. We help drive innovation, inclusion, and access across the industry.

We'll both earn $100 when you join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit!


Newbeing Queen Magazine

Yolanda Mitchell, is the CEO and Founder of Newbeing Queen Magazine, Newbeing Queen Movement, and Newbeing Queen LLC (Shapewear). For as long as she could remember having a passion to help and empower women. She found herself in ministry for over 15 years, struggling to provide herself with the information she needed. Like so many women out there, she was having a difficult time navigating through this thing called life. She sought out outside help which happened to be the best thing for her. Receiving this help lead her to start The Newbeing Queen Movement (Women’s Empowerment Non profit Organization).


Meek University

Tomika Young, aka Meek teaches how to monetize social media platforms, create digital products, build affiliate marketing programs, pallet flipping, and international relationship building. Meeks first large milestone was assisting a team of entrepreneurs with making half a million dollars in their first year. Tomika takes a unique approach to inspire, educate and motivate women about the art of building businesses.

You can connect with Meek through her in-person seminars, webinars, E-books, and sold-out international trips.

Cellphone cable internet

Rodville Services

Rodville Services is in an essential service company that gets you connected with Cell Phone Services, Internet, Cable, Home Security and More. Let's get you connected. 

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