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How to navigate, build, create and scale value... your value... in a rapidly changing environment on the web.

About Me

I've spent the last 20+ years at the cross section of entrepreneurship and the Internet.

I've been a 3x founder, a digital strategist, an agile marketer and brand advisor to 6-7 figure creators, entrepreneurs & influencers, as well as to some of the world’s most iconic multi-billion dollar brands (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy)

Exciting, but I also had to learn quite a few lessons along the way, one of which is the most important... TIME... or even more importantly, how I use it... especially after I burned out

The over-scheduled life is not worth living. The under-scheduled life has no direction. So, I transitioned some things in my life to better serve clients, creatives and the newer emerging digital economy... at scale and in a variety of ways.

My goal is simple... arm the masses with as much knowledge and tools to create, publish, build and scale themselves on the Internet while incorporating what I did to minimize distractions and have a plan, a vision and direction for the life I want.