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How not to suck at Photography

Wondering how to get those pretty blurred backgrounds? How to get focus right? How to avoid grainy pictures? How to choose the right lens? 

A simple step by step online course to transform your pictures.

A course for anyone who owns a camera and wants to get a better understanding of how cameras works, which settings to use when and why, and how to create great images and edit them.

No need to read pages after pages (or watch videos after videos) of super technical stuff that you'll never use. In this course I will tell you about the settings and tricks that I use all the time and that are essential so you don't get overwhelmed with stuff you don't need to know about.

Meet your teacher // Lucy

I picked up a camera back in 2016 and taught myself photography. Fast forward 7 years and I'm now a full time wedding photographer running a successful wedding photo & video business!

Who is the course for?

✅ Complete beginners: 'I have no idea what I'm doing'

✅ Amateurs: 'I kind of know how to use a camera but I want to get off auto mode'

✅Advanced: 'I know how to use my camera but I need to refresh my memory and learn to make my pictures look pro'

Whether you've never ventured beyond your camera's auto mode and have no idea what you're doing, or whether you're hoping to perfect your composition and editing, this course is perfect for you. It's easy to followfull of example images, the (small amount of) technical jargon is explained and there's even some homework for you to practice what you're learned at home.

What's included?

Unlimited Lifetime access

You'll get unlimited access to all the content and updates for as long as the course exists!

Free preset

You'll receive my signature Lightroom preset for free! 


If you get stuck in a chapter just post your question on the Facebook group to get help from the community or myself!

Course contents:

How do I sign up?

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