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Purchasing this product will add a £5 contribution to the Pay It Forward fund.

Anyone who genuinely cannot afford to pay for patterns can request one for free; I then match up contributions to requests in order to fulfil them.

You will receive a download link when buying this, which will allow you to download a thank you letter. This will have a license key on it; that's for my use, you don't need to do anything with it.
You will get a PDF (35KB) file


Victoria Marchant is a radically inclusive professional knitwear designer. Her patterns are thoughtfully designed and meticulously written from her home in Surrey, where she lives with her husband, her daughter, and Marie the cat.

Having experienced exclusion and discrimination both for being fat and for being autistic, Victoria is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and is staunchly anti-discrimination of any kind.

Inclusivity is baked into everything she does. Size inclusivity in particular is a key part of every design, and not just the grading: most patterns come with instructions for modifications, and her innovative mix and match body and sleeve sizing approach to garments accommodates those with larger arms without excluding those without.


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