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Restricted No Longer: Solutions For The Soul

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As an Autism Mom and Advocate, I have always tried to ensure Jayla’s world is secure, happy, and peaceful. We have been blessed with an INCREDIBLE family ~ immediate and extended. Arthur and I are devout Christians and many of our church members have become like family to Jayla. Our friends are spectacular too! She is excited to go to school daily because she enjoys learning while interacting with her teachers and peers! I'm genuinely grateful for each of these connections and so much more! 

2020's devastation came in like a tsunami! Overwhelming is an understatement. The pandemic jolted the entire world's very existence. There was mass hysteria! As an Autism and Special Needs Mom, I was frantic.
Order your autographed copy of the must-read "Restricted No Longer" anthology to discover how God turned my Panic into Praise!

Release Date: July 1, 2021