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Tell Me Where It Hurts: Healing From Hypersexuality & Emotional Scars

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"Tell Me Where It Hurts: Healing From Feeling Overly Sexual & Emotional Pain" by certified life coach Soncerae Monique is a heartfelt exploration of why women might feel overly focused on sex and how our emotional struggles are often connected to it. It’s like a caring friend guiding us through tough times.

In this book, Soncerae Monique shares stories and wisdom from her life coaching experience to help us understand why we might feel a strong pull towards sex when we're dealing with emotional pain. She breaks down this complex issue in a way that's easy to relate to, making us feel seen and understood.

"Tell Me Where It Hurts" isn't just about the problem; it's about finding a way forward. Monique gives us practical advice and exercises that gently nudge us toward healing. She helps us see that our past hurts are connected to how we view ourselves and our sexuality.

What’s refreshing about this book is its kindness. SoMo isn’t here to judge or criticize. Instead, she encourages us to be gentle with ourselves as we explore our feelings and begin our healing journey. She shows us that we're not alone in feeling this way and offers guidance to help us regain our sense of worth and peace.

This book is a guiding light for anyone struggling with their emotions and their relationship with sex. It’s like having a mentor who listens without judgment and offers support as we navigate our way out of the pain. "Tell Me Where It Hurts" is a roadmap toward feeling better about ourselves and finding healing in a world that often feels confusing and overwhelming.

10 Chapters

109 pages

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