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This is a plugin for BLUDIT CMS 3.x. [+detalhes em português]

It cames with 4 plugins in one that I nickname as subplugins. A customized version of default plugins: Search, Categories and Tags. And a new subplugin called Code Box that lets you use 3 box in 3 parts of your theme using HTML.

Watch the video here.

Languages available: pt-BR/en-US

All subplugins

  • Define where it will show*: siteSidebar (default), pageBegin, pageEnd, siteBodyBegin and siteBodyEnd;

  • Remove local Javascript and use in your external file;
  • Support XHTML and more.

* it depends if your theme support this type of hook.


Enter your correct email to receive the download link. I spent a lot of time to develop, if possible spread your opinion on social networks. This helps to know if my project is being useful. For those who are willing to give your feedback, you can contact me.



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