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Affable Tales for your IMAGINATION

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Hi there!

My name is Lee Roy Brown, a Digital POP Artist, who came to live and work in London, United Kingdom, to fulfil his dream and here it is vividly presented, ESPECIALLY for you, FULLY realised in “Affable Tales for Your Imagination”.

“Affable Tales for Your Imagination” is a Dedicated Work, many years in the making, a Fantastical Cornucopia of Sci-Fi influenced Graphical Novella, unfolding a Portrait of the Artist as a Younger and Older man and tells of the journey of an Artist working in the 21st Century metaphorically explaining, along the way, culturally how we got to where we are.

Compelling Storytelling at its FINEST!

“Affable Tales for Your Imagination” comprises 150 pages in FULL Digital Colour Art Work throughout; a VERITABLE Feast for Your Eyes!

Please enjoy.
Kindest Regards,

Lee Roy Brown.


ALL Art Work

Worldwide © Copyright 2016

Lee Roy Brown

ALL Rights Reserved.

You will get a PDF (20MB) file
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