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East Virginia Blues

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East Virginia Blues

Banjo Tab PDF + TEF

A study of J.D. Crowe's breaks from 1969-2009.
7 breaks from 5 different shows by J.D. Crowe & the New South

1969 and 1971 - J.D. Crowe and the Kentucky Mountain Boys 1974, 1975 and ca. 2003-09 - Transcribed from live recordings, you get 7 banjo breaks from 5 different shows by J.D. Crowe.

This collection of tabs will give you the opportunity to study the playing of the legendary J.D. Crowe in particular but in a more general sense you'll see and hear how professional banjo players vary the notes within their breaks. All seven breaks are clearly "East Virginia Blues" as Crowe, over a 40-year span of live recordings, builds each break on the same interpretation of the melody.

As you compare these 7 banjo breaks, you'll clearly hear the main theme stated in each break and you'll notice the various licks that are inserted that make each break unique.

2 of the 7 breaks are from performances where Crowe gets to play a second banjo break just before the final vocal verse of "East Virginia Blues". You'll hear how he takes a "hotter" solo than the one he used to open the song.

The TEF (TablEdit file) "plays" the tab on your device using the free TEF viewer available from TablEdit.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (84KB)
  • TEF (7KB)
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