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Prioritise Priorities

Freedom requires flexibility. Mastery requires practice. This game is a process of prioritising your priorities consistently, without getting stuck in a rigid routine.

Principles at Play

Dynamic Process ⛵️

There is no perfect routine. This game guides you through the process of creating flexible building blocks, helping you direct your energy into your priorities while adapting to your current (and always changing) circumstances.

Reboot Oriented ⛑

One day you will fall off the wagon and that's ok. Your personal Reboot Card will serve as your compass allowing you to find the course towards your priorities, whenever you get distracted.

Serious Fun 🐸

We'll use cards and the power of play to do some serious inner work. Your life is the real game, but who said the process can't be fun?

⚠️ Important Disclaimer! ⚠️

Prioritise Priorities is a non-negotiable-commitment-based game. This is not something to be taken lightly. Watch the video where I explain the idea ⤵️

Prioritise Priorities is Now Open for Foreplay!

Before I release the v1 of this game, I am opening the space for early players to prototype it together.

The Foreplay includes:

  • 1h online setup call where I'll explain the game, answer your questions, and get you ready to play.
  • 1h online processing call at the end of the game, where we'll reflect on your journey together.
  • Gentle encouragement throughout the process and connection weaving with other foreplayers - through a private telegram group.
  • A Play to Invest Card, which can be redeemed for a share of profit from this game. See FAQ for details.

There are only 5 foreplay spots available (3 remaining).

✅ ✅ ◻️◻️◻️

What's included:

  • 1h setup call with Michał
  • 1h processing call with Michał
  • Access to foreplay telegram group
  • Play to Invest Card

Choose a price that fits your circumstances:

Foreplay 🐸


Foreplay 🌳


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There is no excuse for not putting attention to what is important to me.

"This game changed my sense of self-responsibility. Each card is a piece of a puzzle building a foundation for me to shine and be free, while keeping the consistency and focus on my priorities. Even if I fall again and I distract myself, I can always come back. There is no excuse not to play. That's the main thing that I am taking away for my life.

- Raissa Teles, Educator, Facilitator, Sailor @Piratas do Amor