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Green eggs with ham sc 160x120

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Pattern is available in written if you prefer.
Please remember that this pattern as well as contents are for your personal use
You may not resale, give away, post to another site or email it to anyone else
You may photo and post your work of completed pattern, as well as sell products made by you from this pattern.
If site allows, please post a direct link to the pattern.
Chain 1 at end of each row for turning chain. The starting chain does not count as row 1. If row 1 reads Sc100, then chain100+1, turn, sc in 2nd chain from hook and each chain across. chain 1 at end, turn, begin row 2.
If a Disney Pattern: this is my interuption of a Disney product, person, or event. The $1.00 charge is to recover expenses, only. I do reccomend that you do not sell or post selling any Disney products.
Thank again and enjoy
You will get a PDF (249KB) file