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The Holy Orthodox Church - Her Salvationary Nature, Doctrines and Fountain of Faith

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The Holy Orthodox Church, written by the great teacher of the faith, Apostolos Makrakis (1830-1905), originally appeared as a series of articles in the periodical Logos, published in Athens, Greece, in 1880. Makrakis was a pious intellectual, a remarkable theologian and philosopher, and a prolific writer whose deep-rooted faith was poured out through powerful and uncompromising sermons and works which stirred the very soul of the young modern Greek nation.

The Holy Orthodox Church presents the divine faith and doctrines embraced and confessed from the very beginning by the Church of Christ. The foremost purpose of these doctrinal truths, rightly believed and rightly confessed, is the eternal salvation of pious believers in Jesus Christ.

After prayerful study of The Holy Orthodox Church, the reader will be led to divine and truthful understanding of three paramount theological dogmas, vital for his eternal salvation in Christ:

1. The true essence and nature of the Holy Trinity;
2. The establishing, essence, and nature of the Church of Christ;
3. The eternal moral consequences of faith in the true Church and true theology, or of faith in the false religions and false theology.

These teachings and warnings and hope for the future, of our Lord, are addressed to those who thirst after truth and righteousness.
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