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Strength Training for Kids



The course is for everyone coaching kids (7-14 years old). It covers the fundamentals of strength training with kids and provides an evidence-informed and athlete-centered approach to introducing kids to lifting weights. The course provides you concepts and ideas that are applicable in different youth sports settings. It´s a holistic approach to how you can introduce your kids to resistance training and develop their strength training competencies. You'll get to hear the best of both worlds - a good mix of the current research on youth training combined with "street knowledge" from how I trained kids for several years. A big focus is on teaching the Olympic lifts like the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and how to design a strength training program for kids, that is fun and enjoyable for them.

What you get...

The course provides more than 4 hours of videos like presentations and tutorials, as well as templates and print material. You can study self-paced, discuss the topics with others and ask Elisabeth questions. All updates are included.


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You have unlimited access to the course and all updates.

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