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Securing Wealth From Behind The Chair-Paperback

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The #1 financial book for the modern day barber and beauty profession!

Get your pen and pad ready to take notes on how to provide security for your family and your craft and how to protect your hands! A much needed blueprint!

Securing Wealth From Behind The Chair is tailored for the modern barber, cosmetologist, make-up artist, tattoo artist, nail technician or any other individual that’s in the beauty industry. This book shows individuals how to keep their wealth and build financial stability at the same time. For many many years, the barber and beauty industry has been seen as a cash business, with no business structure or security. This book gives this profession business structure, security, and wealth strategies. This book is designed to give value and respect to individuals that build confidence for a living. The goal of Securing Wealth From Behind The Chair, is to change the mindset of these professionals from “Beauty Hustlers” to Business Owners. Dontay Stevenson is a Financial Service Professional, Consultant, and Entrepreneur. He is also the CEO of DS Financial Group and Chairman of Barber Beauty Association. Dontay travels the country with Major League Barber, a well known organization, where he educates people and teaches his method. His mission is to provide structure to an amazing industry that has been neglected for decades.