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G581: The Departure (Book 1 of the Gliese 581 series)

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A devastating virus. Humanity’s final hope. One man stands between a second chance and the end of the world.

On a six-year journey to Gliese 581g, Zarmina’s World, Daniel Medry and a crew of scientists plan to explore a brand-new world. But when a man-made virus wipes out most of Earth’s population and leaves the rest infertile, their exploration mission becomes humanity’s only hope for survival.

Alone in deep space, some worry that a series of equipment malfunctions may not be accidental. As their ship's issues become critical, some fear that someone onboard wants to keep them from making planetfall. With time running out, Daniel must stop the saboteur before humankind's last hope of survival is crushed in the unforgiving vacuum of space.

Gliese 581: The Departure is an exhilarating sci-fi thriller. If you like dystopian future worlds, second-chance heroes, and suspenseful mysteries, then you’ll love Christine Shuck’s gripping intergalactic thrill-ride.

Buy Gliese 581 to climb aboard a high-octane dystopian sci-fi thriller today!
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