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Shâmar to Sharia

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Author:  J. Bartholomew Walker
Print: Paperback $9.95 USD 
Biblical analysis not commentary.

Biblical Roots and Mechanisms of Islamic Radicalization

   There is a worldwide malignancy "out there" known as Islamic Radicalism. Claiming to be engaging in the work of God, these seemingly insane individuals are "on the march," metastasizing to every location inhabitable by man. Are they merely insane, or is something much more than mere insanity involved? Or is it even a certainty that they are in fact in any way insane?

'"Radicalization"-a term seemingly incessantly in use today. Bantered back and forth, most assume that this word; or perhaps better stated, the result of this process; (that of being radicalized i.e. that state or condition of being a radical) is well understood by all who participate in these discussions. However in order to truly understand the result (that of being radicalized or a radical), one must understand the process. And in order to understand that process, one must understand precisely the process for which that particular process (radicalization) is being proffered as a substitute."

Shâmar to Sharia provides that knowledge and understanding.

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Designed as a 2 hour read.
ISBN: 978-0-9886945-0-7
Publisher :  Quadrakoff Publications Group, LLC
Publication date: 2021, 2016 
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