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Swallowing His Pride (Miracle: Salvation Island 2)

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Since the day his pod had left him for dead, Teddy Finley had stop caring about anyone but the four men who he called his friends. If that meant hurting someone’s feelings, too bad. That’s why, when Yosi allowed hunted land shifters to come to their island sanctuary, he didn’t stop to consider his words. Then again, he never considered that his mate would be one of those shifters and would overhear Teddy declaring they should all be forced to leave.

Jayden Falk was haunted. It was his fault his parents had been captured by the humans who had hunted them back home. He’d screwed up, which was something his herd leader claimed he did a lot. He didn’t expect to find his mate, no less overhear his mate declaring he’d messed up again and would end up getting everyone on the island killed because of it.

Teddy learned his lesson about speaking before thinking. Would swallowing his pride earn Jayden’s forgiveness? Or was their mating doomed before it had even started?
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Bigger Than His Bite