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Grade 10 Quiz 1 Introduction & basic concepts

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New feature: 

2 Quizzes
1. Practice quiz - no time limit
2. Final quiz
     47 Questions
     115 minutes
Passmark is 60%.

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1. Interactive, engaging and fun to do.

2. It can be installed on 3 computers, mobile devices or phones and the license is for 1 year.

3. The practice session has no time limit and can be attempted 10 times. The question are marked as you progress. The final quiz can be attempted 3 times with a time limit and feedback is provided via e-mail.

4. Mixture of short, medium and long questions. 

5. The interactive quizzes can be downloaded on any mobile device. Look under downloads, the zipped        folder will be extracted when you click on it. Locate the unzipped folder, and click on the html file. The        quiz will appear.

6. The student must complete all personal details first before attempting the quiz. The quizzes comprise        of a number of questions and a time limit to adhere to. Follow the instructions and submit quiz. Results      will be e-mailed within a couple of hours to the e-mail address that was provided.

7. Once downloaded, locate the files under downloads or file folder. A download page will be e-mailed to        you.

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